About Alpha Biopharma

Company background

Alpha Biopharma is supported by the domestic and foreign famous funds, and committed to the clinical development of global innovator drug. The company collaborates with the large-scale international drug companies to ensure the preliminary research and development of the product is solid and reliable. By using the powerful scientific consultant and management team and developing the optimization strategy for innovative drug development, the company lay emphasis on the multi-dimensional layout: research and development/market/intellectual property protection. The specifictest operation and business development are collaborated with the international/domestic topCRO/CMO/hospital/institute, and ensure the program is rational and orderly implementation by using the company’s impeccable project management system. 

▲ Alpha Biopharma is committed to the development of urgently needed innovative therapeutic drugs

Gather the classic personnel in the field of clinical development strategy/clinical trial implementation/market strategy/registration affairs and business expansion

▲ Look for innovative drug targets that are already well established worldwide, and conduct the middle and later period clinical trial development (the project should be already in or complete the PoC stage)

▲ The core development goal is to obtain the marketing authorization in China, and then drive the worldwide market

Strategic Positioning

Company partner